Our Projects

Greytown Waste Water Treatment Plant

This project involved the construction of a 4.6m deep in-situ concrete wet well with a 12m x 12m UV and irrigation shed above. The shed comprised of steel frames and precast concrete walls. This project was design and build with Bailey Civil working closely with the engineers, client and main contractor to come up with a suitable cost-effective solution. The project was aimed at upgrading the current wastewater facility. Bailey Civil was a subcontractor to Max Tarr.

Palmerston North City Council Shared Pathway

This contract formed part of the overall He Ara Kotahi shared pathway project which provided a new off-road 7km long cycle path and bridge over the Manawatu River, linking the Linton Military Camp, the Crown Research Institutes and Massey University to the Palmerston North CBD and main residential areas. Bailey Civil won the sub contract for two of four bridges concrete works, with contractor Ediface completing the glue laminated timber span structure. Both bridges concrete works included one concrete pier measuring 7m high and two abutments. All concrete was insitu using an engineered formwork system. BC also worked with Richardsons Drilling to construct the bridges with no defects. This work was completed in March 2019.

Nannestad Line, Bunnythorpe

Bailey Civil won the tender as main contractor to construct a new culvert under Nannestads line. The existing culvert had flood damage and was not able to cope with medium to large flood events. The new culvert measures 6.6m x 11m and included both in-situ and precast elements. Manawatu District Council was the client. Earth works were carried out upstream and downstream of the culvert to straighten the river creating unobstructed flow. Careful planning was required during construction to allow for the normal flow of the creek and protect works and the surroundings during rain events.

Arapata Bridge, Waituna West

Arapata Road is rurally located 40 km north of Palmerston North near Waituna West. In 2015, the one of the Arapata stream bridges suffered irreparable flood damage. Bailey Civil was engaged by the Manawatu District Council to construct a concrete bridge to replace the temporary Bailey bridge.

The new Arapata Road bridge is a single span steel girder bridge on semi precast with semi insitu concrete abutments. The abutments sit on two bored and cased piles, each side up to 16m deep. The deck is precast concrete panels formed and poured off site by Bailey Civil then transported to site for placement on the girder beams.

The bridge beams were supplied by Eastbridge, the piles by Richardson Drilling and the concrete by Higgins Concrete. Craneage was by McIntosh Bros.

The bridge was constructed alongside the original bridge so the road required realignment, which was carried out by Higgins. A lot of new rip rap was installed to protect the new bridge from future flooding and as part of the resource consent. This was supplied and placed by Higgins also.

Turitea Rd Pump Station, Palmerston North

Part of a $5 million project to improve Palmerston North's water supply, the construction of the Turitea Rd pump station was undertaken by Bailey Civil in mid-2017.

The work involved excavation of the pump station, positioning the sump and underfloor drainage, formwork concrete floor and walls and insitu concrete roof.​ The pump station walls and base were constructed by Bailey Civil alongside the excavation where it was to be placed. It was then craned into the excavation and the lid (or roof) was formed and poured by Bailey Civil to complete the concrete enclosure. Cranage was challenging as it was on a tight site with overhead lines and a public road nearby. ​

The purpose of the pump station was to relieve the Summerhill and Linton areas which had been reliant on an Aokautere Drive pump station which was at capacity and had previously been upgraded.

Also shown in the photos, craneage from McIntosh Bros, a local subcontractor.

Awahou South Road Culvert, Ashurst

Bailey Civil was engaged to replace the concrete lining of an existing culvert at Awahou South Road, Pohongina Valley. This involved dewatering the existing reinforced concrete culvert. The approximate length of the culvert was six meters long on a rural road.

The purpose of the works was to prolong the structural life of the culvert and to provide fish passage. The reinforcing concrete base was eroded to an extent that the reinforcing was exposed. Both ends of the culvert were also hollowed to an extent that it would have inhibited fish passage.

This project was awarded to Bailey Civil by open tender, as a separable portion of a larger contract the Manawatu District Council for bridge repair works through 2015 and 2016. The contract involved repairs to 13 different bridges in the Manawatu and Rangitikei District. Bailey Civil was the main contractor for this project.

Otamaraho & Kumeti Stream Bridges, Tararua

As part of the Otamaraho Passing Lane extension project, Bailey Civil was sub contracted by Higgins Contractors Limited to construct two new 17m long bridges. Part of the Bailey Civil contract included pile placement, abutment and head wall construction, placing of bridge beams, prestressing of the bridge and pouring of the bridge infills.

The site was approximately five kilometers from Dannevirke towards Woodville, alongside SH2. The bridges spanned the Kumeti and Otamaraho streams. The work was completed in January 2016.

Mangarere Road Bridge, Mangaweka

The Mangarere Road bridge is a single-lane swing bridge over the Rangitikei River, on the border of the Manawatu District and Rangitikei District Councils, approximately 3 km south of Mangaweka. Originally constructed in 1966, the bridge was in was in need of refurbishment. Bailey Civil was primarily engaged in replacing the bridge deck. The work also included corrosion treatment and repairs to the suspension structure.

The work was completed over a three month time frame, including managing the daily road closure and the needs of residents and locals for whom the bridge was their only access across the river.

Bridge 202 NIMT, Taumaranui

Bridge 202 NIMT crosses the Okaiae stream in the Ongarue area north of Taumaranui in the Manawatu / Wanganui region. As part of KiwiRail’s efforts to ensure that the rail network is performing optimally, Bailey Civil was engaged as the main contractor in the construction of a replacement of the existing wood and steel bridge with concrete culverts. The lower culvert is for the main river flow and an upper culvert serves as a vehicle/stock underpass. The work took place in the live rail corridor and was completed in August 2014.

Dashwood SH1, Blenheim

The Dashwood culvert was constructed as part of the Dashwood realignment project to straighten the road and bypass a narrow bridge between Blenheim and Seddon on SH1 in the South Island. Bailey Civil was engaged as subcontractor to Higgins to construct the culvert over 17 weeks, starting mid-January 2014. The client was the New Zealand Transportation Association.

The culvert included two substantial footings on either side measuring 54 meters long by 2 meters deep by 1 meter wide. The footings were precast in 2.6 meter sections and lifted in place using a 50 tonne crane. A capping beam was then constructed to tie the panels together. A steel channel was cast into the capping beam to fix the multi-plate in place. The multi-plate comprised over 150 individual sections measuring approximately 3 meters long by 1.5 meters high. The end pieces were cut on an angle to create sloped ends to match the earth batter. The individual steel plate sections were lifted in place using a 16 tonne crane and then bolted in place. Over 7000 bolts were required to complete the culvert.

The footings and multi-plate were complete in May 2014, the remainder of works was completed in August 2014.

Rising Main, Levin

This work was part of the Horowhenua District Council’s Levin Wasterwater Treated Effluent Rising Main & Pump Station project, which involved a total of 7.1 km of new pipe as well as the pump station. Bailey Civil’s part of the project was the construction of the new wet well and pump station structure.

The pump station structure included four submersible pumps, pipework and valves, flow meters, and pig launching ramp pipes and valves. It also included diversion of existing 315OD PE pipe. The MCC building was new masonry, including installation of electrical lighting and controls to the building and pump station.

For more information from the Horowhenua District Council click here. The work was completed between January and November 2013.

Mill Creek, Wellington

The Mill Creek wind project is a Meridian 26-turbine wind farm north-west of Wellington. The anticipated completion date for the wind farm is December 2014. As part of this work, Bailey Civil was engaged in the construction of a multi-plate culvert and guard rails. This bulk of the work was completed in a two month time-frame from August and September 2013.